Day 55: Trader Joe’s Salads

photoWhoa! Day 54 is missing! I don’t know what happened, but I will re-write and post again.

One of my go-to places for a healthy lunch is the Trader Joe’s across the street. When it comes to great ingredients, variety, low calorie and low price options, it’s really the best place to be. Except for when the store discontinued my favorite caprese with arugula salad, and the lack of express lines, I really like Trader Joe’s. Go there and resist the urge to get the candy.


One thought on “Day 55: Trader Joe’s Salads

  1. Indeed! Salad always tastes better when someone else makes it! Some of the TJ’s salads are orchestrated so well, with such low calories (e.g. the chicken citrus salad) that if you cut the dressing in half, you can have a complete salad as a healthy snack…move over Snickers, ‘salad satisfies you’!!

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