Day 53: Lockin’ it Up

Life is short...

Time to in

troduce Cole: Hubbs’ best friend and all around cool guy. Cole loves three things in this life: football, Halo, and fitness. About 3-4 nights a week, Cole and Hubbs huddle over one of our living room tvs playing Halo, Madden and college football. During this time, I also pick Cole’s brain for fitness tips or sharing my success. When I’m proud of myself, he gives me tips to get better, but when I complain, he has only one thing to say, and that’s “Lock it up, Kate.”

13 pounds down, and I’ve hit my first plateau. I need to lock it up if I’m going to continue losing weight. I started on the right foot, but I need to bump up my plan. From here on out, here is my plan.

Shred It During Workouts

I’m not going to be satisfied unless my workouts leave me gasping for breath. Making it to the gym 5 days a week a must. I was doing 4 days and not pushing myself as hard before.

Tighten Up That Diet

I would say I ate right about 90% of the time. I’m planning out my meals and not slacking on my diet. I’m also putting less dressing on my salads.


ound Water

Good old agua. I’ve developed more of a taste for t in the past 53 days, and I’m going to drink about 100 ounces per day. How much water should you drink? Take this quiz.

No excuses. No turning back. I’m doing this.


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