Day 51: Juice: the App

For the past week, I’ve been tracing my performance on “The World’s Funnest Energy Tracker“, Juice.

Where LoseIt! and My Fitness Pal (as seen on “On App Duel to the Death“) allowed me to track absolutely everything about my diet and my workouts, Juice completely simplified the tracking process. It only takes about 2 minutes of my day to use Juice.

Juice tracks 4 things: energy level, sleep, diet and exercise. Every element is marked on a scale of general terms like bad, good and great. Other elements like stress can be purchased or earned over time. After you are done logging your status for the day, juice gives you a helpful tip. At the end of every week, you get a report of your activity.

Juice is a great way to keep track of your progress quickly and easily. It’s my favorite fitness app I’ve used so far!




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