Day 49: Weight Discrimination

People watching is super fun for me. I didn’t understand it until I move away from home and didn’t know most of the people around me. Complete strangers are fun to dissect, especially at the gym.

Hold on, I’m not a creep. I don’t remember faces or snap pictures or even remember most of my people watching thoughts. When you’re stuck on a treadmill, you have time on your hands. So I wonder if that skinny girl used to be chubby like me. Or if that smiling guy just beat his personal record. Of if the meathead weightlifter could grunt any louder. Most of all, I cheer people on because hey’re living through their gym sessions just like me.

We put a lot of value of first impressions (check out the 5 best ways to make a good impression on Forbes), but I can attest to the fact that they aren’t everything. For example: I’m 26 but I look like I’m 15. I’m a hard worker but I’m overweight, a trait that is often seen as lazy and undisciplined. There are articles from experts on the subject, but the way to find out people’s true thoughts are on forums, like this heated debate on Yahoo. There’s a lot of hate for fat people and skinny people alike, and it’s summed up in the term weight discrimination.

Fat people are often perceived as lazy, smelly, unhygienic, not smart, and full of self hate. Skinny people are commonly seen as beautiful, driven, clean, intelligent, and all around worth your investment. The debate rages on, and misconceptions will still happen for a long time. I obviously want to be seen as skinny, but I also want people to discredit the good things about me just because I have some weight to lose.

So I’m going to continue rooting for those strangers, fat and skinny and in between. Because with all of this weight discrimination, someone has to.


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