Day 48: Discouragement

“I don’t trust this scale anymore”, I told Tabs, scale in hand. If that mis-calibrated piece of equipment was telling the truth, that means I gained 3 pounds.

Fluctuation is totally normal, but that doesn’t make it any easier. If I didn’t know better, I would say that my body was trying to psych me out. How, after a week of hard work and diligent dieting, did I gain weight? Sure, it could be water weight and it could be muscle development. Whatever. Weight gain: here’s my attitude.

Well, I may have baked a ton of cookies tonight. And I may have eaten my share. (Get flat cookies when you replace flour with bisquick mix. Doesn’t mean they have fewer calories though).

Tangent: My friend B and I decided that you are what you eat, so you should look like what you eat. Noodles: skinny. Apple: Fat. Car doughnut: skinny. Doughnut with a hole: fat. So flat cookies…you catch my drift. Tangent over.

Despite not making it to the gym today, I’m starting back up tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 48: Discouragement

  1. I recommend weighing yourself everyday, but dont let the fluctuations discourage you. Women will fluctuate much more than men because of our lovely unstable hormones. You should know this from biggest loser! Try to recognize trends, write down your daily weight for a couple of months to identify trends. That way, you will know that 12 days after your period you gain a couple of pounds, or that you drop it dramatically 3 days after your period, etc. instead of comparing day to day losses and gains, compare it to the same calendar day as the previous month. As long as you are trending backward, you can relax. I think the ultimate secret weapon in weight loss is understanding and appreciating your own body and recognizing it’s eccentricities. We are all different!

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