Day 47: The Early Bird Gets Skinny

Early to bed and early to rise…makes for a phrase I really despise.

While I may not like it, my life experience attests to the validity that a healthy sleep and morning routine is beneficial. If I had a choice, I would be a morning person. In second grade, I read fast, so I was in the “early bird” class with the other pre-nerds. In high school, I even liked going to early morning seminary class. I tried to combat my inclination to sleep late in college. While I passed the early morning classes, I failed the transition to naturally rising early. I’ve long wanted to get up early and have more time before my commute to work, but it just hasn’t happened.

And then Hubbs came up with this idea: “Let’s get up at 6am. While you shower, I’ll make breakfast. Then we can eat together and after you go to work, I will work out.” Alright, if Hubbs is on board, so am I. Tomorrow marks the beginning of this new plan, and I look forward, not only to starting my day with Hubbs, but also having more time to prep for the day.

So here we go!


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