Day 46: What Lies Beneath

“I don’t think I have those Holly”, I said to my sister -in-law.

This was a few years ago when we were doing P90X in the mornings. We had just finished a 90 minute yoga dvd and she had told me that it really works your abs.  Before that point, I had never really thought about my core before. Since then, I’m a lot more aware of it. I’ve felt then ache after a hard workout and I’ve felt them go slack after prolonged inactivity.


Never before today did I feel their strength. After more than a month of consistent gym time, I’ve gotten past the ache and actually built some muscle. For those of your who don’t know, your core is made up of the muscles in your abdomen: obliques, abs, glutes, pecs and hip flexors and muscles along the spine.

Without your core, you would not be able to hold yourself upright; proud to be a human being.  Your spine and many organs would be without protection. They are the key to most everything you do, and most of us get by with the bare minimum of core strength.

Well, while planking today, I felt the entirety of my core at work. I mean, ALL of it, and it felt good. It was a reminder to me of what’s waiting at the finish line.

Holly, I have abs, and I will have proof soon!


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