Day 44: Truffle Shuffling

I was the token fat kid today.

I’m not ready to wear yoga pants in public yet, but the darkness and fuzzy thoughts of this morning led me to grab them instad of loose-fitting gym pants. So when I showed up to kickbox cardio class today, I was more than aware of my less-than sveldt self. Not that anyone in the class was skinny, but I was the fattest. I’m felt like I looked like this



















Mortification is something I got over long ago. When I find myself getting embarrassed, I stop myself and move on. I only got embarassed when I looked in the mirror. But since the room was mirrored floor to ceiling on three walls, I was constantly pushing back my inclination to run and hide behind the punching bags.

I forced myself to power through the class, focusing not on my shape, but on my form. Did my punches coordinate with my footwork? Could I squat lower? Was I pushing through every kick? I probably didn’t come out of that class any skinnier, but I can confidently say I built my kickboxing skills!



One thought on “Day 44: Truffle Shuffling

  1. This cracked me up! Don’t worry – there are few woman who aren’t self conscious in a room wallpapered with mirrors. I am sure the majority of them felt like their we’re truffle shuffling right along with you!

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