Day 42: Measurements: A Poll

Yesterday was Monday, Monday. Today it is Tuesday Tuesday. And Wednesday comes afterwards…

C’mon. You know you know it, and you know you love it…Rebecca Black may have put out a notoriously bad song. That doesn’t mean I can’t parody.

Measurements, Measurements. Yeah! Lookin’ forward to a sexy bod.

Mondays are for measurements. That’s when Tabbs and I break out the scale and the measuring tape to track just how much smaller we are. For those of you who don’t have measurement buddies, I highly recommend it. Not only you are accountable for your numbers, but it’s a lot easier to measure your upper arms and forearms with some help.

As of yesterday, I am officially 2 pounds lighter and about 1 inch less round. I  love progress!

After the great scale debacle of November, I have been discouraged. But I eventually got over my trust issues and called a truce with my scale, even if it did lie . Lesson learned: don’t put all of your self worth on your weight.

For all the hype about weight, I know a lot of people who would rather mark their fitness level with alternative measurements. In high school, it was all about my mile time (7:18). Now it’s about how much farther I can run this week compared to last week. You can track the number of gym sessions you have in a week, or how much you can bench press. Does your fitness level correlate with your wedding countdown? I want to know: What do YOU do to measure your progress? And then tell your friends about  Skinny 365.


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