Day 41: An App Duel to the Death!

It is a duel!

Every time I think of duels, I think of this awesome Got Milk commercial from my childhood. (My mother’s admonitions to not eat so much peanut butter were unheeded until I saw this.

And now..duel #2. I’ve been using 2 apps to help me lose weight. But it has gotten time consuming entering my information into both of them, so I must choose one. So here we go:

Coming to the ring: at 3 months, 6 days use, My Fitness Pal takes on the heavyweight iPhone app champion. At 4 years of sporadic use, Lose It! Apps, let’s get ready to rumble!

Lose It

When I lost 30 pounds a few years ago, Lose It was the reason why. I had no clue about calories, eaten or burned , and this app helped me learn. But once I knew more about nutrition, constantly logging my meals was tiresome. Plus, the treadmill straight up told me how much I burned.

On the other hand, Lose It! has some great online tracking tools. One of them keeps track of your diet on My Plate. So in addition to keeping track of calories eaten, it tracks how well you are complying to a well balanced diet.



imgres-2My Fitness Pal

Tabbs and I started using this to support each other in our dieting and exercise regimens. It’s really nice to have a social part to the app (Lose It! is also social, but I don’t know anyone using it). My Fitness Pal works exactly the way Lose It! does, but it has more categories. You can log strength exercises as well as cardio. You can track the amount of water consumed and take notes about food. At the end of the day, My Fitness Pal tells you whether you ate too few, too many, or just enough calories that day, and suggests improvements for tomorrow. It also projects what you will weigh in the future should you continue on your current course.

So, given that I enjoy support from Tabbs on My Fitness Pal, and that it gives me a more thorough reading of my intake and burn off. (Did I mention it also looks better), My Fitness Pal wins. Sorry Lose It! You had your time.

Okay, duel done. Swords down. My Fitness Pal wins. But this guy I saw at Subway doesn’t.

photo (5)


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