Day 39: Geting Dirty

fresh-cleanSometimes you just gotta get down and dirty.

Yup. Everything, no matter how well-tended, eventually needs a good deep cleaning. Cars, pores, hard drives…today I’m talking about my house. After my 2- hour gym sesh, I spent the rest of my day scrubbing my counters, sweeping my floors and..perhaps I should stop. Hubbs just called me the laundry wench.

To clear up a few things: I am not expecting company and my Internet connection was up the whole time.

I get enjoyment out of cleaning. Not that its fun to deal with dirt, grime, and hair, but it’s so satisfying to have a clean and welcoming home.

So other than personal satisfaction and a healthy living environment, how does housekeeping help you to be fit? One thing is for sure, being the maid is much better for you the being the couch potato.

Calories Burned

It’s misleading to look up how many calories are burned during house cleaning. They are usually broken into hour or 30 minute segments. The problem with this is that few cleaning activities require this much time. Laundry, for example makes you lift piles of clothes. Probably a good workout. But how often do you do this for 30 minutes straight? You don’t. It’s probably more like 5 minutes at a time, tops. These calorie counters also don’t take into account the intensity of your cleaning. Putting your elbows into the scrubbing action will definitely burn more calories. Want a good calculator? Here’s the best one from Self Magazine.

Less Stress

A dirty house is a big source of stress for me. Plus, cleaning is cathartic. Since stress is once of the causes of weight gain, less of it is always a good thing.

Healthy Living

I don’t even want to think about the microscopic organisms living in sheets, carpet and leftover food. So gross! The less nastiness in my house, the less likely cold or allergy symptoms will occur from this nastiness.

While seasonal aroma of “Christmas Cookie” Yankee candle slowly takes over the smell of lemon cleaner, I’m enjoying that I was productive, active and clean today. Reclaiming the weekend is off to a great start.


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