Day 38: Reclaiming the Weekend

I savor my weekends. They are sacred and must not be misused.

No weekend is created the same, and I have three favorites


1. Relaxation station: me on the couch surfing the net

2. On the homefront: me with my mother-in-law, doing a double feature at the movies. Hubbs and me with the fam.

3. Busy bee: me running around doing fun things with fun people.

Though very different, these weekends have three things in common

1. Sleeping in

2. Time with Hubbs

3. Me time

Yeah, I’m pretty easy to please. Now comes the hard part. Along with my diet and my activity level, my weekends need to be bumped up a notch. I don’t work out enough and I certainly don’t prepare enough for a healthy week ahead of me. As listed above, all good things come in threes, so here’s the weekend trifecta of fitness.

1. 2 hour workouts each day. Cardio and strength.

2. Shop and plan for a healthy week of meals

3. Make a new goal for each week. If the goal is met, celebrate with extra pampering. If the goal is not met, zero reward

Who says you can’t have it all? With this plan, I can stay on track, sleep in and have quality time with all the important people.


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