Day 36: Spin Class

“Excuse me, instructor. I’m afraid my butt is too small for that seat.”

At least, that’s what I wanted to say, but it was my first spin class and I got there after the music was already blasting. I grabbed a bike in the back and stuffed my feet into the weird pedal stirrups.

One of the things I don’t like about LA Fitness is that you never know enough about your instructors. Why are they knowledgeable enough to teach the class? How much experience do they have? All I knew about the guy leading us up and down imaginary hills was that he really liked the Foo Fighters (as evidenced by his song choice), and he has a tribal tattoo wrapped around his hairy calf.

Why am I complaining already? Because I HATED it! I love trying new things, and I don’t mind being pushed to the limit, but cycling was not for me today. And this is from someone who biked to school for years before they had a car.

Before I move on, here are 5 Beginner Spin Class tips from Self Magazine, and Know Before You Go from Greatist. These tips will help you be more successful that I was.

If you’ve never been to spin class, here’s what to expect: one hour of alternating between sitting, standing and hovering on a stationary bike at different speeds and resistance levels. You control the resistance with a little lever located mid handle bar. Note: if the instructor tells you it’s a level 5, they are talking about your level 5 and not a number on the lever. Also, no matter how much natural cushioning you have on your backside, you will soon feel the skinny bike seat pushing into your backbone. Standing and hovering were a relief after sitting.

I should have known spin class would be hard. I’ve walked by the cycle-filled room many times and witnessed people sweating their faces off. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone sweat a puddle until today. Literally. Puddle man had towels wrapped around his handle bars and under the bike, and he still left a perspiration pile on the pink floor. Grosser still was a puddle under an unoccupied bike that I can only assume was left there from a previous class.

Puddle man’s personality came out even more when Mr. Foo Fighter asked us if we bought lottery tickets (Hubbs did and we didn’t win). While everyone else tiredly shook or nodded their heads, Puddle Man said “I’d rather get hit by lightning!”. Yeah, I’d rather not go to spin class again. How about that?

Life has taught me the three times really is the charm. I’ll give it three tries, and if I still don’t like it then I know I’ve given spin class the chance it deserves.

Until then, my butt hurts.


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