Day 35: Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the most destructible things on the planet. It burns easily, disintegrates when wet, smashes underfoot, and stales quickly.

But it’s so darn GOOD! Had McGruff the crime dog told me to “Just say no to popcorn” instead of drugs, I would have had a hard time with it. As easy as it is to break, popcorn is one of my biggest roadblocks. I’ve always loved popcorn and it has always been my greatest weakness. A close second would be chips and salsa.

It’s really not fair how bad popcorn is. How can something so light and fluffy contribute to being heavy and..well..fluffy? Sure, a handful won’t hurt you, but I never stop at that. Heck, I don’t even stop at one bag!

Despite my strong weakness with this food group, I’ve withstood it. Tonight, I gave in big time. But the movie theater is the absolute worst!  I don’t need the pretzels or the candy or the Icees, but overpriced popcorn gets me. I swear, they pump the aroma of freshly popped and buttered kernels through the air vents.

Hubbs and I had planned a mid-week date to see “The Silver Linings Playbook“, which was as amazing as I expected it to be. Plus, it had a few of my favorites: Julia Stiles, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Deniro. Stamp of approval there. Between the two of us, we polished off an entire large popcorn and some peppermint Junior Mints.

If there was a better movie to teach me about strengths and weaknesses, I didn’t watch it tonight. In The Silver Linings Playbook, the two main characters struggle with major emotional issues. Too often, they lose control and find themselves in situations far worse after their outbursts than they were in before. Sometimes it’s funny to the spectator, and sometimes it’s sad. But when you’re in the middle of it, problems are very real. Everyone is weak in their own way, but banding together is the best way to get through the bad times.

Okay, so my snacking was a bad decision, but I can always pick myself up and make better decisions tomorrow, right! One slip up isn’t going to get me down. There’s a silver lining to this mistake: I had a great date and I know to be prepared for temptation when going to the movies.


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