Day 33: More Fuhrman

Remember “Eat for Health- Book 1”? Yeah, I have to follow up with a review of book 2 “the body makeover”.

Dr. Fuhrman is no more furry than the first book. This is probably a good thing, considering they were probably written and published at the same time. Where Book 1″The Mind Makeover” concentrated on the thought process behind the ‘nutritarian” diet, book 2 gives the menu plans and recipes to build up to the recommended 90% plant-based diet.

What I like about “Eat for Health” is that it promotes eating fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and legumes. The more I incorporate these food items into my personal menu, the better I feel. In fact, in the week since reading Book 1, I’ve had a salad for lunch and fixed a heaping plate of greens for each of us to accompany dinner. My weight hasn’t dropped and  there have been no drastic changes in my health, but it feels good to be super-loading myself and Hubbs with nutrients.

Dr. Fuhrman says “Achieving good health through healthful living is your most importnt investment and it will pay you back with temendous interest in your later years”.

I completely agree with this, considering that Hubbs and I are in our 20s. We have our whole lives in front of us. Children to raise, careers to pursue, vacations to enjoy, and more adventures to have. It’s important that we are healthy now so that we can really live our lives to the fullest.

I understand that transitioning to eat more plant-based food is a big change for people, and I like that “Eat for Health” is divided into 4 Phases. Dr. Fuhrman gives the following advice:

“The best wat to fight temptation to eat unhealthful, low-nutrient food is with two thing: knowledge and great tasting meals.”

He also strongly advises to have meals planned out and healthy food accessible, especially at the beginning of the diet.

Most of the book contains the meal plans and recipes throughout the 4 “Eat for Health” phases. Interested? Read the book!


2 thoughts on “Day 33: More Fuhrman

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