Day 32: Smells Like Team Spirit

Hubbs: Are you inspired?

Me: Yes

Hubbs: Do you want to be a football player now?

To sum it up, the Arizona State High School Football Championship game was so AWESOME!!!!

The Queen Creek High School varsity team recently received a lot of attention for stopping the bullying of Chy Johnson, and as of today, are the Division III State Football Champs. Since Hubbs is a Queen Creek grad and football alum as well as a coach on the JV squad, we went to the game.

Well, back up. My fantastic mother-in-law (seriously, her name should be “Amazing”), and I were not going to go to the game. We thought it would be good father-son time for Hubbs and his dad. But when it came down to it, we piled in the car with Cole in tow and headed to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

Queen Creek may be Division III (in the middle as far as size), they pulled the attendance of a Division I school, and then some. We filled the bottom section of the stadium. Here we are:







It was a tough game, and Desert Edge High School did a great job. We had to fight for every single yard we got. It was 7-7 with 12 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. We were sure we were going into overtime. But when the center snapped the ball too high over the kicker’s head and into the end zone, our players ran in and got a safety. We went wild!!

Not only was it amazing to be part of that event, but it was inspiring to see the dedication, the discipline, the teamwork, and the community involved in making this team so great.

What does this have to do with weight loss? Achieving great things is not something you do alone. It’s something you get with the help of your personal team. You need someone to keep you fighting. For every yard and every pound. Besides the fact the it’s lonely out there if you try to do everything on your own. Queen Creek showed the power of a team, and I think I would do better with a team of my own.



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