Day 30: Why Your Waistline Matters

I have nothing to say about Thanksgiving. You eat. You sleep. You hang out with family. It’s fun and I really enjoyed myself. But when it comes to weight loss, it’s just one day.

As I’ve mentioned before, my waistline is one of my problem areas. I have way to much junk stuffed up in this chunk. While I might be able to convince myself it is smaller than it really is, pictures and clothing tell the truth. Not only does it completely mess up a streamlined physique (do you think Michael Phelps could have won all those medals with a muffin top? No), but it’s extremely bad for your health.

The circumference of your waist the visible manifestation that other things are unhealthy about your body. People with big mid sections, like myself, are more likely to have type 2 diabetes and higher death rates. Not to mention it’s hard to hide, even with the biggest clothes because it’s at the center of your body.

I measure myself on Monday, and I will keep you posted on how my waistline shrinks.


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