Day 29: Holy Books, Batman!

I thought I was well-read…until today.

How I felt before today.

All my life, I’ve spent my leisure time engrossed in works of fiction. I was a creative writing major- I love this form of creativity and expression, and I always will. Now I’m going against my own grain by reading and writing stuff that you literally can’t make up. If Kate wasn’t a real person, I might give her an easy out like being independently weatlhy and thus having more time to blog and exercise. But Kate is real. She has a real job and a real wide mid section. And she has to get some real advice.

So I’m turning to my good friends: books, to find some guidance.



How I feel now.

Until I explored the health section at Barnes and Noble today, I didn’t know how much it had to offer.  The cook books were the easiest to find because they were covered with pictures of delicious looking food.  The health and diet cook books are completely separate from these books. The diet books bled into the health and fitness section, and the self help section faced them across the aisle.

I felt lost. How was I supposed to just pick one?

That’s why I need your help..badly!  Please let me know the best healthy cooking, fitness, health, diet and self help books out there? I have “Eat for Health Book 2, and “Eat for Health” in my arsenal and I need more. So please help! This beast of a library is’t going to read itself.


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