Day 28: Good Habits

They say old habits die hard, and they are right. I beat mine with a stick every day.

You may have noticed that some of my blogs are short and lack depth. While I like to think these are full of vitamin E content. (Entertaining, enlightening and enduring) I’ve published some lackluster posts. Deal with it- good stuff is soon to come, and I have no apologies.

Reason being: I started this blog to not only be fit; but to consistently re-commit to my health, self-confidence, happiness and good health. No matter how tired, emotionally drained, creatively challenged or busy I am; I’m afraid that if I don’t blog, I’ll break this fragile new lifestyle.

Depending on the source, habits take anywhere from 21 to 28 to really soak in. It’s day 28, and even though I was completely comfortable in a hot bathtub, I still felt the pull to blog.

I don’t work out every day. I don’t eat healthy every day either. But I do blog, and in doing so, I’m more likely to make good decisions tomorrow. I’d say it’s a good deal!


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