Day 25: Guiltless Eating

It came to me over a delicious seaweed salad today: I don’t feel bad for eating this! Immediately I wondered what was wrong with me.

Epiphany #2 came a few minutes later: There’s one thing I love more than eating, and that’s stuffing my face without feeling bad about it.

“You love food almost as much as I do”, says Mr. Busy. And he’s right. Next to reading, writing and sleeping; eating is right up there with the best of them.

The problem with eating nowadays is that people (including myself) are trained to feel bad about it. In order to live, we need to eat. And the moment we swallow we think, “Oh crap, I ate”. And then we talk about it! What we ate, we we will eat, who we are eating with, how to make food and justifications for the food items we consumed. Our love/hate relationship with this essential activity runs deep, and it’s totally normal. Getting pleasure from eating is what fat people do, so we just can’t do THAT.

Well I’m sick of it. Food may contain calories, but I’ve decided to keep liking it.

There’s nothing wrong with eating. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with liking it. Not thinking about the food you eat- everything is wrong with that. That’s why I will be including healthy,  nutrient-dense, guiltless foods in a recipes page of this blog! Look for it, because it’s coming soon.

Eat well!


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