Day 23: Scale Shmale

Of all the dumb things of this planet you think we would have gotten right, a scale is probably at the top of the list. It’s freaking 2012. We should be able to determine our weight with a cool lazer pointer,

But nooo…we still have these bulky things with unstable calibration issues and dependability problems. If scales were significant others, we would break up with them, only looking back on the relationship as “that psycho I dated once”.

Okay, maybe I’m just mad that I didn’t know to not weight myself on carpet. I had scale handy at my desk at work. Not at home, you ask? If course not! It’s way to easy to ignore the scale when it’s in the guest bathroom. Not so much ignorable peeking out from under my desk. It also keeps me accountable when the candy and bagels that turn up in the office.

I’ve been weighing myself regularly right there at my desk. Then a few days ago my friend and workout buddy Tabs (we’ll introduce you to Tabs soon) comes to weigh herself. Now, I had noticed that the numbers on the digital face jumped around a bit before coming to a conclusion. But I’ve seen enough episodes of The Biggest Loser to know that this is normal.

Apparently not. Tabs proved that the scale was far more dependable on the tile floor of the bathroom.

Not only did I feel like the “The Biggest Dummy”, but in the 10 feet to the bathroom, I gained 7 pounds! What the heck?!

We learn through trial and error, I guess. And since blunders are common in my life, I blushed, acted mad, and moved on. My clothes fit looser, I have more energy, and I’m ready to keep losing.

So, in the spirit of my “Dummy-ness”, here’s “How to Get Your Body Measurements for Dummies

Measurements aren’t everything, and it’s unhealthy to put too much focus on them. Here’s a good article from Zen Habits emphasizing the right measurements in your life.


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