Day 21: Pep Talk Magic

If I had never met Hubbs, I would not know the magic of a good pep talk. If he could, he would live football. Eat, breath, sleep and of course, play. As a football coach at the local high school, Hubbs gets to motivate the boys on the team with pre-game, half time, and post-game pep talks.

When you’re out there on the field of life, feeling like every experience is the last fourth down of the fourth quarter, knowing that someone has your back makes all the difference. It’s even better when their encouraging play back in your head, telling you to get up and keep playing after you’ve been tackled by someone twice your size.

Not that I’ve ever been tackled on a football field during fourth quarter on a fourth down. But I’ve sure received some kick ass pep talks.

Pep talking is a skill I do not have. The trials of others have always been deeply empathized on my part, but the words that leave my mouth are “You it”, or “It will be..okay”. And then someone more talented in the art of encouragement comes along and has the perfect words to say. Oh well, one more thing to work on, right?

So I’m lucky I married someone who levels me out in this area. I’m especially luckily that I get to start and end my days with him. I’m lucky for a mom who loves me no matter what. I count my blessings when I think of my mother-in-law, my entire family and family-in-law in fact.  I happen to work with a supportive group of people. I have some awesome friends who I can text or call anytime. With all this love surrounding me, how can I not achieve my goals?

Thanks to family and friends. You mean the world to me. Hopefully soon there will be less of me to love.


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