Day 20: Oh Poo!

Be honest, you wonder about that stuff you leave in the toilet. I do.

Now that I’m losing weight I think things like “I wonder if that’s the stack of doughnuts I polished off last year”. And when I flush, I think “Take that, freshman 20!” If I’m feeling particularly successful, I weigh myself after toilet time just to see how much I dumped.

Luckily, I live in the era of modern plumbing, otherwise I might be more acquainted with poo than I am currently. When it comes to poo, I’m a looker- not a toucher. Even then, it’s only my own. Everything outside that spectrum is disgusting.

As a collective, humans frown upon talking about excrement and the bodily functions associated with it. Ironic, considering I’ve heard most of my friends, family and acquaintances have talked in depth about it. This includes my mother, who exceeds Grace Kelly when is comes to ladylike behavior.

It was in one of these poop conversations that I found out that one of my coworkers also has a sense of humor about poop, and she lent me what is probably one of the most educational books I have ever read. And I have a college degree. In English. It’s “What’s Your Poo Telling You“, and it’s by two Brown alums who are now doctors. Betcha they also poop. How’s that for credibility?

Not only have these doctors given funny names to different kind of poop, they explain it in cleverly funny intros. They also give background and explanation about each kind of poop. Want to know if you are healthy? Just read this book, and find out how the answer is right there behind you, somewhere between 3 times per day and 3 times per week.

As my brother says, “Everyone poops”. Why not use it to your advantage?


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