Day 19: On The Streets

I guess you wouldn’t really define San Tan Valley, Arizona as “the streets”. It’s pretty much the opposite. But it sure HAS streets, as evidenced by my running experience today.

Now that I’m once again eating solid food, I’m taking in enough calories to work out. I decided to go back to my roots and exercise sans gym.

Now, the gym used to be very unnerving for me. All those people, watching me pant, and sweat and turn red? No way. Now I’ve made a complete 180, feeling totally incapable of working up a sweat unless I’m surrounded by treadmills and meatheads.

My 14 year old self would have scoffed at me. She ran the streets and trails of Fremont, California without much thought. So I decided to lace up my Nikes and brave suburbia once again. Earbuds in and hoodie on, I headed out on my first street run in about 5 years.

Without walls around me, or a speed and distance monitor in front of me, I felt like I was going commando. I soon found out that, while vigilance was necessary, full out courage wasn’t. Once I got into the open landscaping of my subdivision, I breathed the newly chilled air and quickened my pace. It was so nice! Not only could I count on plenty of sidewalk and shrubbery as a buffer zone between me and passing cars, but there was an actual trail made of packed dirt meandering through the neighborhood.

With my workout mix pumping into my ears, I was actually able to breath deep and enjoy the scenery. Welcome back street running! I’ve missed you!

If you are thinking about traversing your neighborhood on foot, here are a few tips for safety. You can’t be secure enough, especially when you’re a woman and you’re out there on your own. Here you go:

From Lulu Lemon: Keeping Safe While Running at Dusk and Dawn

The Frun the Planet: Stay Safe While Running

From Health Fit: Top 10 Injury-Free Running Tips


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