Day 16: I’ll Just Get Bigger Clothes

Meet my good friend Mr Busy. We grew up in the same home town. moved away to go to school, and kept in touch via Facebook chat. He is studying to be a doctor, has several jobs, a beautiful wife and an active social life. As I surf the web and he flies through O Chem homework, we often commiserate on our mutual desire to lose weight. This often leads us to debating the merits and downfalls of pie shakes.

So one day Mr. Busy says to me “It would be so easy to just get new clothes.” His reasoning was logical. He was overdue for clothes shopping, and most of his clothes had developed holes in places where they shouldn’t be. Buying a smaller size would  not fit, so larger was the only way to go. Not only would he come out of the store with new clothes, they would be bigger clothes. An upgrade!

Sure, new labels freshen up a wardrobe and more material hides a lumpy body. Mr. Busy is right – it would be easier today to shop the large rack, but it doesn’t make anyone feel better tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that.

Providence doesn’t shine on fitness. You have to work your way to what you want. Someone might offer to buy your broken down car (this actually happened to us today), but you’re never going to get lucky and have your dream body. Being fit and healthy takes hard work. Taking care of yourself is much harder than letting yourself go.

So, while it would be easy to shop at Torrid, I think I’ll shoot for 1,3,5. And so should Mr. Busy.


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