Day 15: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?

Oops! I mean, nearly dead. Was NOT thinking of Harry Potter there…

Alright, so I literally began my year watching this documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. I had spend most of New Year’s Eve morning in the emergency room with what I thought was tonsilitis, and then most of New Year’s Even afternoon in Vicodin-induced slumber. A very concerned Hubbs had heard of this movie, and so we rang in the New Year with a juice fast.

This 2-hour movie is viewable on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon. It follows the journey of Joe Cross, a rich, fat Australian who takes his health into his own hands by juicing for 60 days. This guy’s Thanksgiving lunch was celery, onion and tomato juice instead of turkey. (Though I don’t know what they usually eat for Thanksgiving in Australia because it’s not a holiday).

Anyway, watch the first 3 minutes of the trailer to get the gist.

Yup, he looked like he’d eaten a sheep. Now that’s more Australian of him. Another quote: “Take a good hard look at my gut”. The funny cartoons and commentary from Joe elevate this documentary to more than a diet experiment.

Under the supervision of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Joe supercharged his micronutrient intake by drinking green juice for 60 days. He lost over 90 pounds and rid himself of several prescriptions and an autoimmune condition.

According to Dr. Fuhrman, 61% of the American diet is processed food. I’ll believe that, considering I’d love to chow down on some Kraft Mac and Cheese right about now. With a prolonged juice fast, the average person lost 53 pounds and got rid of type 2 diabetes and “other diseases of nutritional ignorance”.

This type of juicing is more along the lines of what I’m doing, although I’m supplementing with a daily fiber shake. I highly recommend the movie!


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