Day 13: Green Smoothie Girl

“Your sandwich smells so good”…was one of the things I said today. This is weird because before today I couldn’t tell you what a sandwich smelled like.

I’m hungry because I’m juicing. And I’m juicing because I’m awesome. But there was a time when juicing was just weird to me. How were you supposed to juice the entire food group of nachos? About a year ago, my eyes were opened to the world of juicing through Green Smoothie Girl.

It was just beginning to get cold here in Pheonix, so I tugged on my Uggs and drove over to the community center on a Saturday morning for a free seminar from Green Smoothie Girl. She came highly recommended from my mom, and this talk was timed perfectly in  my life; I hadn’t felt good in months.

The first thing I noticed about the Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn)(GSG) was how real she was. She was fit (not skinny, but definitely healthy), wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing pompous about her. Nothing that screamed “I have the answer” that usually turns me off of health nuts. She seemed like she just wanted to help people live healthier.

GSG and her kids

GSG is all about whole foods. She tells people to eat a plant-based diet, with 60-80% of those plants being raw. She sells the recipes and programs to get there. Many of these recipes are made in smoothie form. Find out all about her on her website. I’m here to tell you my take on it.

The most compelling thing about GSG is her story. She was extremely unhealthy at one point, and so were her kids. She had to learn how to eat “simply, affordable, deliciously”, and she had to overcome 21 chronic health problems as well as lose weight before she got to where she is. Eating a plant-based diet has improved her own health and with that the health of her family. She also told the story of a family member who got rid of cancer by adopting a plant-based diet.

Best of all, her presentation was realistic and down-to-earth. I left the seminar thinking “If she can do it, so can I! This will be awesome!” Then I ate lunch at Panda Express, felt awful, and slept it off for the rest of the day.

Even though GSG’s healthy food plan didn’t sink in the first day, it did plant the seeds of a plant-based diet in my head. Thank you GSG for your inspiration!


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