Day 8: All the Candy I Didn’t Eat

Remember Day 1 when I turned down a handful of M&Ms? Well…I gave in the next day.

I know! Bad! Cheating! Right?

The evidence stacked against me when a skeptical coworker saw the rest of the bag of M&Ms on my desk. He has teased me all week, and not without justification. What kind of diet incorporates candy? Here’s the thing: a handful of M&Ms (a fun size pack), is about 100 calories. It took the place of my 100 calorie snack that afternoon. It would have been better to eat a large apple or a handful of nuts. I can always do better, but I’m not doing badly.

Instead of getting discouraged and feeling guilty for a minor slip-up, I’m going to focus on my progress. Think of all the candy I DIDN’T eat this Halloween. To put things in perspective: I’ve lost 9 pounds in about 2 weeks. When compared to the candy I’m  handing out tonight, I would have to give away double the amount of candy below to equal the amount of weight I’ve dropped.

Halloween 2012 and I’m feeling good and full of self-discipline. Candy is okay in moderation. Now all I have to do is resist visiting the neighbor down the street who is giving away cotton candy


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