Day 7: I Love Yoga

At about noontime, today’s topic was “I Hate Lettuce”, but when yoga totally redeemed my evening, I left lettuce in the ditch where it belongs.

Today was…difficult. I came home from work carrying the worries of the 8 to 5. It can get this way at times. Instead of flopping into a puddle of oversized sweats and ice cream on my big comfy couch, I forced myself into stretch pants and onto my purple yoga mat.

My cares were alleviated the moment I did my first back extension and mountain pose. I felt my mood and outlook improve with every sun salutation and  through every power pose.

Yoga has been a favorite of mine since my mom and I tried an introduction dvd together when I was in high school. In college, my sister-in-law Holly introduced me to the P90X version of yoga. Today’s workout was Jillian Michaels’ “Yoga Meltdown”.

Yes, I love my kickboxing class and long runs, but there’s something about taking up my yoga practice that makes my fitness routine seem more complete. No research went into this post; it’s all personal experience. I think 10 minutes of yoga can produces more endorphines and better energizes body and mind than 30 minutes of many cardiovascular activities.

So yeah, I love yoga! Do you?


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