Day 6: Did You Take Before Pics?

Ah, pictures. The way we record events for posterity.

And posterity does not want to see this. No one wants to see this.

My sister-in-law and I laughed over this today. She, being awesome, is excited about my blog. Always the goal-oriented person, Shawna knows an important aspect of goal setting: marking where you started. Reaching your goal is so much more satisfying when you can look back at a definitive beginning to measure how far you have come. When I cross the finish line, my progress will be marked by the downward slope of my weight on a chart.

Want an all-in-one before and after pic? Here you go!

So, getting back to before “pictures”. I could talk to you until I’m blue in the face about my muffin top and double chins. However the likelihood that you would stick around for that is very low. My chances would decrease even more if I showed you a picture of my Jabba jowls.

The other thing about “before” pictures is their general skewy-ness. Shawna and I agree that “before” pictures are manipulated to make the person look worse. They never smile, always stick out their gut, purposely slouch and, it seems, pose in a room with unflattering greenish light. By comparison, ANY “After” shot, will inevitably be better.

So no, I’m not offending your eyes with any images of my current state. From now on, I’m focusing only on “after” images. I know where I’ve been: I have mirrors. You’ll see where I’m going.


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Did You Take Before Pics?

  1. My opinion on before pics – they will haunt you. Even after you lose the weight you will look back a them and feel embarrassment, fear (of going back!), disgust, etc. these emotions and feelings never serve you. Find a picture of yourself (or a magazine clipping) at your ideal weight and keep that around to inspire you. Let your baggy clothes and scale me your mile markers. When I look back at my fat pics, strangely, I don’t feel like celebrating because I am not there anymore. I just feel icky. I hate looking at them!

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