Day 5: The Benefits of Periods

Periods suck, yes they do.

But cheer up girls, they have good parts too!

So I’ll just skip over the bloating, cramping, aching, craving and general unpleasantness. Instead, here are some pros to the monthly female cycle. You’re welcome!

Being Balanced

A regular period is a sign that you are hormonally and chemically balanced. Inconsistencies in your menstrual cycle are often the first indication to adjust your health regimen. This could also indicate pregnancy, in which case your life will change forever, so I’ve heard.

Natural Cleanser and Disease Preventer

Periods are also natural ways that your body cleanses itself. Some sources say that it gets rid of excess iron in your system, which lowers your risk of heart disease. Iron is still good you though, which it ironic, ins’t it? haha! It also prevents strokes, Alzheimer’s and aging.

Higher Metabolism

This one is my favorite! Depending on how you respond to the voracious cravings that descend upon you during hell week, you can take advantage of your period to lose weight. Your body coordinates many different functions, and your period is just one more thing for it do, thus increasing your metabolic rate. You burn anywhere from 100- 300 additional calories per day during your period. However, giving in to high-calorie cravings will only undo this.

When I lost 30 pounds three years ago, I did lose weight throughout the month, but it seemed like my body was more willing to reset itself during my period. It was after my period that I noticed the most significant changes on the scale and the measuring tape.

Being Well Rounded

And no, I don’t mean bloated. According to my research, periods are supposed to enhance your spiritual connection to the universe and your activities in the bedroom. I’m distancing myself from this one, cause I just don’t feel closer to anyone when I’m ragging.

Look forward to Venus Week!

Venus Week, or the week after your period, is a positive. Not only are you done bleeding; you look and feel better! Your body rids itself of excess water, which reduces bloating. Your body also has more energy to exert during workouts.

So, despite feeling like a blowfish/sloth mix for a few days, powering through and keeping a healthy diet CAN help you feel phenomenal and be skinnier! Want more details? Check out the “8 Benefits to Getting Your Period” and “Reverse the Curse“(chart chart on this one).


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