Day One: Blogging for Fitness

Tiffany Blue Shoes? I think so!

I faced it a long time ago: I have some weight to lose.

I’m 26, and I’ve had a muffin top since I was 19. Though my weight and waistline have fluctuated, my body confidence has been low for a long time. Going out requires confidence, clothes shopping is no fun, and yes, I have been asked if I was expecting – several times.

But as much as it kills me to admit these embarrassments, I refuse to sit around and complain for the rest of my life. I figure if I invest the same energy and enthusiasm in my health and fitness as I do in my career and my marriage, I have a good chance of being successful at all three.

This blog is a 365 day record of triumphs, challenges, tips, tricks and occasional experiments in fitness. With an ultimate goal of weight loss, this year is aimed at a smaller number on the scale, the body fat meter, the clothes tags and the measuring tape. This “project”, if you will, is also intended to make bigger numbers in my confidence and self esteem.

To be fit today, I: Ate healthy and took the dog for a walk. (We’re dog sitting). Instead of grabbing a handful of very tempting M&Ms, I abstained. (This blog being the motivation.)

So there’s Day 1: Bring it on for the next 364!


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